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Duration: 3 years full time, six semesters.
Intake: Only one intake per year, every year in the month of May/June.
Entry Requirements: Pass in H. Sc with Mathematics
Fees:Rs. 14000
  • Course Overview
    UG Programme focuses on the basics and higher leads of Mathematics equipping with Numerical, Aptitude and Computing skills in educational fields.
    First Year Programme:
    Classical algebra , Calculus, Statistics, Operations Research , Analytical geometry, Trignometry , Vector Calculus and Fourier series.
    Second Year Programme:
    Statics , Dynamics , Numerical Methods , Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms , Aptitude Skills , Accountancy.
    Third Year Programme:
    Real Analysis , Complex Analysis , Modern Algebra , Programming in C.
  • Course Breakup
    I Year:
    Students learn the basics Mathematics and which will enable them have a strong foundation.
    II Year:
    The second year focuses on enhancing their Knowledge in Mathematics for different areas. They also acquire knowledge in Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms, Accountancy, Statics, Dynamics, Analytical geometry.
    III Year:
    Application Oriented Papers and Pure papers like Operations Research , Numerical Methods, C Programming, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Modern Algebra are taught from which the students can choose a career after the course.
  • Career Opportunities
    We offered Career Oriented Programme for all the Semester.
    Our graduates enter the government jobs through the civil services examination or other channels.
    Basic course for self – employment
    Mathematic teachers in education field
    Computer programmers in IT sector

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