Since 1986, the department has been functioning as a language department offering Part-II English to all students from different disciplines with an aim to develop the grammatical and communicative skills of the students.

The Department of English came into existence with the advent of B.A. English Literature and one year B.A. programme in English for Chinese students in 2010-2011. M.A. English was introduced in 2011-2012. Through the years admissions for all these courses have been overwhelming which stands as a proof for the continuous demand for English.

Our training is designed to give the candidates sufficient practice in the techniques required for appearing for IELTS and TOEFL Tests with full confidence. Our special training programme gives the candidates enough confidence to enable one to score high and qualify themselves thoroughly in IELTS and TOEFL.


To acquire knowledge through holistic education


To impart quality education through a comprehensive curriculum by adopting the latest technological methods, and progressive teaching-learning as well as research process


Our objectives are closely related to those of the University as a whole, and also reflect the special nature of our discipline and our commitment to literature, language, and the arts.

To improve

  • The reading skills to examine literature from multiple eras, cultures, and genres with critical understanding
  • The ability to express themselves clearly and comprehensively, orally and in writing
  • Research skills which enable them to expand, from a variety of perspectives, their own readings of literature and understanding of language
  • An appropriate knowledge of relevant fields within the discipline, including literature; literary history, criticism, theory, and the language structures of modern English
  • An enhanced appreciation and enjoyment of literature and language.
  • The specific strategies we use to achieve these goals include
  • A close reading and understanding of texts in lectures, seminar presentations, and small-group discussions
  • The writing of analytical and other kinds of essays
  • Creative writing
  • Professional writing
  • Theatrical compositions