Quiz club keeps the mind sharp and continuously drives the students to the limits of their learning capacity. RVS Quiz Club was started in the year 2007 with the sole aim of creating a challenging group of dedicated quizzers from the College who will make their presence felt not only in home events but also in national and international events. Students are invited to participate in intra and intercollegiate level quiz competitions. The club also encourages students to maintain scrap books on news items.

Based on subject compatibility eight clubs are formed. The clubs are dedicated for organizing and hosting quality quizzes for the student population in the campus.

  • Anweshi club (Malayalam)
  • Arivupezhai club (Tamil)
  • Confluenz club (School of Commerce)
  • Copiaverborum (English)
  • Jeugo club (School of Life Sciences and CS&HM)
  • Machetronics club (Mathematics & Electronics)
  • Pinnacle (BBA)
  • Technobuzz (School of Computer Studies)

The following events are conducted every year and Prizes and Certificates are issued to the winners and participants.

Inter Departmental Quiz (Intra club quiz competitions):

To identify students talented in quiz and to create opportunities to sharpen their quizzing skills, quiz competition was conducted at department level and within the club. Two rounds are conducted – Preliminary round and onstage round.

Inter Club Quiz Competitions:

The winners from intra-club quiz competitions are selected for Inter club quiz competitions which include onstage quiz.

Scrap book presentation:

Scrap book presentation is conducted to update knowledge and to create interest of curiosity to collect information in various fields.

Inter Collegiate quiz Competitions:

The Quiz club hosts the “GK DELIGHT” an intercollegiate meet in the month of January/February every year at district level with the mind wrecking sessions such as connections, numerical and verbal aptitude, audio visuals and rapid fire.