Shulbha Singh (B.Com. CA) - INFOSYS BPO

I am Shulbha Singh from 2014-17 batch of with Computer Application.

I always had a dream of choosing a prestigious college, getting placed in a famed company and building up my career , and I can proudly say that RVS has made my dream come true. And in today's date I realize that it was one of my best decisions of life to choose RVS College of Arts And Science and upon all that applying for the placement through the college itself. We all aim for the college which has a good infrastructure and huge campus. We may not see a huge campus in RVS but let me remind you of the saying that "Everything that glitters is not gold" same as RVS it may not glitter from outside but the faculty members inside, the opportunities and the scope in the academics is incredible. When it comes to Placement. I would like to heartily thank to the training and placement team of the college, who trained me to face the world and brushed up all my skills in technical as well as non technical field. And as a result today, I totally placed in Infosys BPS in Finance and Accounting profile. RVS totally goes true with its tag line "It's a bridge between you and your first job"."Thank you School of Commerce with Computer Application, Thank you Placement team, Thank you RVS" "Will be grateful throughout my life.


I am Aiswarya. R of II MSc Foods and Nutrition. I came to this college with no expectation. When I left my UG college where I had lots of exposure, I thought I won't get the same here. I stood aback in the very first month. But my teachers of Training and Placement as well as my department found my inner talent and kept encouraging me. There were situations where I lost confidence on me but my teachers were over confident on me and kept boosting me. People around started appreciating me. In this two years of marvelous support, finally I was awarded with best outgoing student. I strongly believe that this was not possible without the immense support and love of my teachers. The placement and RVS as a whole changed me to a better human with strong will power, improved my leadership quality, self confidence, and vocabulary, thrust to improve and learn more. Thank you RVS and its whole team.

This was a greater platform for me to improve.

Santhoesh.V (B.Sc. IT) - TCS IT

My dream came true seeking offer from a IT Giants like TCS-IT. I am Santhoesh from III B. Sc(IT) and its my immense pleasure to Thank all My department Staff And non -teaching Staff. I am indeed to Thank My Management at this time providing me a protective Environment and My Placement Division Staff. My Special Thanks to Sathish Sir Who taught me A - Z in programming and he made me to stand something special among the students. My heartfelt thanks to my Parents for giving full freedom of choosing the College

Koushik R.S (B.Sc. Microbiology) - IBM PVT LTD

Claiming an offer from a company like IBM, one among the Fortune 500 MNC, is indeed a great deal. Hailing with an Undergraduate degree in Microbiology (2014-17), I,K.S. KOUSIK KANNAN, take this opportunity to thank my department faculties ,the training and placement team, and other teaching and non-teaching staff for their relentless support in helping students to seek a perfect job. Be it soft skills , aptitude, personality development. Every aspect of an interview was clearly analyzed, decoded by the Training and placement team and delivered to us in a very easy manner for our understanding. Student friendly approach was another key aspect of the Training and placement team to help the students out at their ease. Kudos to all the students and to the training and placement team.


Right opportunity, At the right time, At the right place, By the right people. There is a saying that “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials”. I recall, when I decided to join RVS for my undergraduate education, The intent was to be employed in one of the leading companies. Getting placed at ‘SUTHERLAND’ has been is a dream that came into reality with the help of placement team. My every supportive department (BBA) & the highly experienced faculties at training & placement department helped me to explore my potential & fine tune my skills & learning capabilities. Thanks to every one.

Kannika Devi.E (B.Sc. BT) - AMAZON

I am Kanniga Devi from 2014-2017 batch of B.Sc. Biotechnology. The RVS college Training and placement team conducted training programs which helped me to improve my soft skills. As I joined the college I was not accurate about my career goal and future ideas. The team has given me brief idea about the job market that helped me to think and choose my “DREAM OFFER” with the guidance of the placement team I got an offer from 'AMAZON' with an attractive salary. I am sincerely thankful to the whole team for helping me in grooming my career and to improve my soft skills and life skills.


I am Sisira of II M.Sc Foods and Nutrition. This was my privilege to study in such a college where we get a lot of exposures that leads us to many opportunities. This is a place where we can mould our career and create a brighter future. Training and placement division as a team trains us to make our negatives into positives. This college is a complete package where we get trained in curricular and co-curricular as well.

Govind.H (B.Com) - VWR LAB products - Finance Associate

I am Govind 2014-2017 batch of B.Com Through the training I got from the placement team I developed my soft skills. And they have given so much guidance and support for us during our training days. I use this platform to thank the entire placement team of RVS College of Arts and Science.

Nikitha Gandhi (M.Sc. MB) - IBM Pvt Ltd

I Nikitha Gandhi who had completed Microbiology RVS CAS has been awarded with the dream offer for IBM. I always believe in getting rich of the box rather than being a jack out of the box and RVS has brought my motto of life to lime light. I had spent half a decade of my life at RVS nourishing me with enough Wisdom to face every path of life including my career. I feel I am blessed with the good placement team of my college which gave me the opportunity to get placed at top MNC with the highest salary package.

I am very much grateful to the management and my department of Microbiology for acting as a catalyst and understanding my potential to receive the above. Thank you RVS.

Sangeetha.C (B.Sc. ECS) - CAPGEMINI

I am Sangeetha Chandramohan from B.Sc ECS. I am so grateful to RVS CAS. Only because of the best training given to me by the training and placement dept, I have got my dream offers from TCS, Capgemi and with attractive salaries. The aptitude and communication skill training provided by the placement team really helped me to face various interviews with confidence. My wish is that the college must not quit taking effort in enlighting the students bright future like mine. Once again thank you so much RVS, especially Placement division.

I can’t forget your part in my career. !! JAI HIND !!