RVS Training Academy


To become the most recognized training academy in English Language Communication by setting standards of excellence in innovative curriculum design, training development and cross-cultural understanding.


Considering the students across the RVS Group of Institutions are mostly first generation learners, the RVS training academy aspires to Impact the students in the English language communication programme it offers and help them become industry-ready.

Provide these first generation learners with the support and services they require to make the transition from their Tamil medium of instruction in schools to an English medium of instruction in an autonomous college.

Meet the ordinary and extraordinary needs of our students, ensuring that their experience at RVSTA is productive and fulfilling.

Assume personal responsibility for solving problems, value each other as highly as we do our clients, and support each other in our work.


The RVS Training Academy has a set of Objectives to achieve its Mission. It strives to:

  • Provide a progressive and structured curriculum, enabling students to adapt in a multilingual environment by using appropriate pedagogical methods, including class size (1:30) and environment (e.g. classrooms, equipment, resources, and technology) that will lead to student retention and success.
  • Help the student read intelligently and understand even simple passages of prose.
  • Write descriptive, narrative and organized paragraphs/essays/reports/ letters and to converse fluently and effectively in English.