Academic Programs


The intensive English language communication programme is an essential part of the RVS Training Academy for the RVS students (across the RVS Group of Institutions) to prepare them for an academic and a carrier life. The training program is designed to help students achieve a placement level of proficiency in the use of the English language, the Training Academy’s defined minimum English language competency, within 3-4 semesters of two academic years. The number of newly admitted full-time students varies depending on seat availability at RVS Group of Institutions, but it is usually between 1,000-1,500 students each year in each institution. The Training Academy features small classes, averaging 30 -35 students per class. The classrooms are equipped with the necessary intellectual tools /technology such as computers and projectors for more interactive teaching and learning processes in some department like the MBA departments. The Academy also has to its advantage a High Class Language Lab (60 Seater) with a 1000-hour content of various communication and career modules, which helps to enhance the student’s communicative skills.


The four-semester intensive English communicative course is an integrated-skills program and content-based, ranging from first generation learners to post graduates. The course is delivered using a system of modules and is attributed with three credits in autonomous colleges.

There are four modules (teaching duration) in the first year, two in each academic semester. The duration of each module is twelve academic weeks, at the rate of 18 hours a week.

The final exam is scheduled during the twelfth week of each module. Each semester covers three modules of the program and is considered as a full and independent course. Students must be assessed as having successfully completed and passed all the three modules in one semester in order to proceed to the succeeding semester and proceed on through the full course.

The RVS TA uses a Training Kit, which are correlated with the academic structure ensuring a full researched curriculum encouraging students to excel throughout the academic year.


English Language Communication for foreign students is an intensive three semester, on-campus-taught program offering a combination of Communication and Business English skills for MBA students.

This course equips the learner with the techniques required for communication in English to students whose first language is not English. It is designed for students who desire to cover a broad range of communication areas and to gain expertise before embarking on further study or entering the workforce.

This program is characterized by purely a learner-centered, participating methodology. The examination pattern is designed not to test the learner’s memory of the reproducible content but his/her understanding and acquirement of the skills in the various units, which constitute the program/course.


  • To read and understand the meanings of passages effectively.
  • To write organized paragraphs/essays/reports/letters and
  • To converse fluently and effectively in English.


  • At the end of this 72 - 96 hours programme,
  • the learner would have acquired a fairly good knowledge of the basic communication skills, (LSRW)
  • a better knowledge of how to use words in context,
  • a sound knowledge in English Grammar and its application,
  • the ability to think critically and reason logically.


The English Language Program curriculum is comprised of four core language courses. With the beginning of each module, trainers are provided with are provided with a detailed curriculum and syllabi; a training kit with lesson plans and lesson proper and with expected learning outcomes for all modules they are assigned to teach at the RVSTA.

They are also given detailed Pacing guidelines for each course containing day-to-day lesson planning guides. This details exactly how many textbook units and language items are to be presented and practiced during a specified time frame.

It is an invaluable lesson-by-lesson guide, along with outlined lesson plans for each class covered on the syllabi. has recently been modified to ensure its suitability for our learners and faculty.