Annexed Programs


The RVS Training Academy offers Communicative English Language Training for Chinese students. There are two different courses, which a student can opt for. One, a nine month course - Diploma in English Language Communication (DELC) and a six month course – Certificate in English Language Communication (CELC). Both these courses focus on helping students improve their oral communication skills for their academic and daily life. Emphasis is on increasing confidence and fluency through realistic and practical activities both in and out of class.

Highlights of DELC and CELC

  • These courses are intended for Chinese students who are beginners with very minimal or no knowledge of English. The course is designed to provide students with basic survival skills in English which enables them to move to the next two levels.
  • The courses provide students with a sequenced progression of grammar-based conversational activities.
  • The students are given opportunities to practice the four communicative skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing ( LSRW). Oral and written practices are geared towards interaction and communication.
  • These courses aim to help the students overcome their pronunciation problems by practicing of vowels and consonant sounds correctly.
  • Students develop distinct reading skills which enrich the learner’s vocabulary for their comprehension and reading enjoyment.
  • These Chinese students come in with very minimum quantum of writing skills and are trained to write from the very basic sentence structure to essay writing.


Diploma in English Language Communication for foreign students is an intensive three semesters, on-campus-taught diploma offering training in basic communication skills.

Course Objective:

The course aims to improve the learner’s comprehension and expression of oral and written ideas in English. A variety of communicative tasks are used to enrich the learners’ vocabulary and writing skills.

The curriculum

The students must complete 6 Modules excluding a one month internship to complete the diploma successfully.

The different modules concentrated during the course are:

  • Module 1 : Spoken English
  • Module 2 : Grammar
  • Module 3 : Vocabulary
  • Module 4 : Reading Skills
  • Module 5 : Writing Skills
  • Module 6 : Functional English

Student learning Outcome:

The learner would have acquired basic communication skills, (LSRW), a better knowledge of how to use words in context and a sound knowledge in English Grammar and its application. Students develop vocabulary, expressions and sentence patterns relevant to different types and context in oral and written communication.


Certificate in English Language Communication (CELC) is an intensive on-campus-taught six month course. To complete the course successfully, one has to be actively involved in these sessions.

Course Objectives:

The course aims to give the students the knowledge about the correct usage of English with an emphasis on reading in order to be able to study effectively and think logically. It helps the students to practice writing skills at the sentence and paragraph levels with correct grammatical structures. The course also enables the students acquire the listening and speaking skills so as to be able to communicate in daily situations effectively.

The curriculum

The students must complete 6 modules to complete the certificate course successfully.

The different modules that are concentrated during the course are:

  • Module 1 : Grammar
  • Module 2 : Vocabulary
  • Module 3 : Reading Comprehension
  • Module 4 : Writing
  • Module 5 : Conversational English and Speaking Skills
  • Module 6 : Intensive and Extensive Reading

Student learning outcome:

Students should demonstrate the ability to produce writing that focuses on a clear and consistent purpose. Students will speak and respond to others in correct English. Students will demonstrate improvement in their fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. This also includes Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Communication Skills and Listening Skills.