RVS INFOTECH feeds growing creative industries with talented graduates. Every qualification we offer is designed to reflect the changing creative industry landscape. Our approach to teaching and learning is aligned to industry expectations. Our Programmes have a strong base in traditional foundation subjects as well as offering the theoretical and critical thinking behind current digital technologies.

As a result, our graduates are internationally renowned for their expertise and confident to enter the workplace as entry-level skilled professionals. The following are the courses currently we offer.

Intersted Students are welcome.

1. 2D Graphic Design – “DESIGNER KIT”

Duration: 2 Years

Key Areas:Design Principles, Colour Theory, Typography.

Career Pathways:Multidisciplinary Designer and Visualizer

Enhancements: Photography

2. Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Editing – “EFFECTS AND ANIMATION KIT”

Duration: 2 Years

Key Areas: Animation Principles, Technical Concepts of Broadcasting (NTSC | PAL), Motion Graphics, Tracking, Live Action Computer Graphics, Rotoscoping,

Basic Dynamic Effects (rain and snow simulations), 3D Space, Camera Angles and Editing tactics.

Career Pathways: Designer, Motion Graphic Artist, Compositor, FX Artist, Editor, TV add

Enhancements: Stop Motion

3. Complete 3D – “FILM KIT”

Duration: 2 Years

Key Areas: Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Dynamics and Rendering, Animation Principles, Human Anatomy, perspective drawings, Animatic and Sculpting

Career Pathways: Entry level modeler, interior designer, animator, architectural visualizer.

Enhancements: Puppet Animation, Clay Animation


Duration: 2 Years

Key Areas: Basic Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Dynamics and Rendering, Environment Design, Creature Design, Paint and Simulation FX, Fluids,

Integrating with Game Engine, Artificial Intelligence, Game Math and Logistics.

Career Pathways: Game FX artist, environment artist